I’m reacting to something, magnolia maybe, can you use it to treat it?

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I have never had a lot of allergy problems but this year I’m reacting something awful to something. My usual go to is goldenrod but it’s not touching it and neither is Benadryl or basil tincture. I’m thinking it might be the many magnolia trees nearby, they are really showing off this year! Any ideas appreciated...


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    You can make your own homeopathic remedy for it - it was in one of TGN's herbal medicine summits. I don't have my notes handy but you can probably Google it if you cannot find it on TGN with a search. Sorry I don't remember the specifics. I wrote it down but I'm not very organized in that sort of thing lol. I have various note pads, small spiral notebooks, random sheets of paper etc. I'd say I will get that done in this lifetime...but lets be honest, I doubt that 😂

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    If you live where magnolias bloom, you are a lucky person! I do, but I've noticed tons of gardenias flowering right now - heavier than ever before. They are wrecking my allergies! Normally, they don't really bother me. In fact,, last year I tried eating a few blossoms and had no reaction. They are quite tasty, btw. This year it is like being suffocated by perfume! The good news is, both will be finished blooming soon. The miniatures tend to bloom longer, though.

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    I remember K. P. Khalsa mentioning how allergy treatment is best done as a preventative a couple months (I think it was 2?) ahead of allergy season.

    Those who have studied under him...do you remember his advice?

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    @Owl If you know for sure that it is the magnolia that is causing the allergy, then yes, you could probably make a remedy from the magnolia flowers, although it is a time consuming process and would only work if it was in fact the magnolia causing your allergy. If you wanted to purchase the magnolia remedy, Hahnemann Labs has it listed on their website. https://www.hahnemannlabs.com/cgi-bin/start.cgi/hahnemannlabs.com/hstore/programs/remedy_list.html

    Another homeopathic remedy that is general for allergies is Histaminum which is available through Boiron and may be available at your local health food store if they sell remedies. Hahnemann doesn't carry it.

    Quercetin is sometimes recommended for assistance with allergies.

    A lot depends on your symptoms. Whether it is primarily a stuffed nose, constant sneezing, itchiness or runny eyes. Not everyone has the same symptoms and some herbs are more effective in treating different symptoms of allergies.

    @LaurieLovesLearning is correct about taking something in advance of allergy season; 6-8 weeks in advance of when symptoms might occur. Stinging nettle is recommended for its antihistamine effects. Freeze dried in capsules in recommended as the best way to take it but even now you could try some tea to see if it might help. Stinging nettle is good for one anyhow so it couldn't hurt.