Epsom salt and peppers

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My peppers are looking a little sad this year. I have heard that a boost of magnesium can help. Has anyone tried it? If so what were your results and what method did you use?


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    I always do it every year with my pepper plants and my tomatoes.

    First just plant your seedlings as normal and let them grow until you see the blossoming stage. Once you see a blossom (or more) per plant start adding your epsom salts to each plant.

    For tomatoes, mix 1 gallon warm rain water and add 3 tablespoons of epsom salts. Stir so it dissolves and then pour some of this solution into a pint jar. Water the soil line around each plant (only the plants which have blossoms) and just keep going down your row, one pint per plant. Repeat every two weeks. Once you see fruit set, discontinue.

    For peppers, follow the same procedure but use this recipe instead. Using one gallon of warm rain water and add 1 tablespoon of epsom salts. Stir and do it the same as you did for your tomatoes shown above.

    Good luck with it. It really does increase the flavor, the immune system and the quality of your harvest. Just be sure your epsom salts does have time to dissolve before you pour it over into your pint jar.

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    Great info here @greyfurball ! You explained this much better than I could have.

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    Thanks @greyfurball I need to do this as well.

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    @greyfurball Thank you very much!