How can Arjuna bark be made palatable?

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I am very open minded when it comes to flavors. This however, is the worst tasting stuff I have ever experienced. It has actually made me gag. I really want to take this to give my heart some help. If anyone has experience with this how to you make it? I have the powder. My last result is to just buy the empty capsules and fill them up.


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    @simplethings4us Your idea of capsules is a good one for nasty tasting herbs. You could make a tincture and then disguise it in some other liquid (juice?). In Ayurveda, it is suggested that arjuna be prepared as a milk decoction to make the triterpenes more bio-available or combined with ghee or jaggery (unrefined sugar).

    Just curious why you have chosen this particular herb? What kind of assistance with your heart are you looking for? There may be other better tasting herbs that you could try.

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    I saw the milk bit too but I don't really eat any dairy, to have to consume it daily would be too much and from what I read it has to be cows milk. I've tried masking it but nothing can mask that taste. I have mitro valve prolapse (I think may be progressing) and embarrassingly am still a smoker. I haven't needed to see a doctor in about a decade but I made an appointment for a check up. I'm healthy on all other fronts but my heart can use some help. I do take vit c to counter some and other herbs in tea form (my favorite). I think hawthorne has some seemingly scary side effects whereas arjuna has none. I know there is a comparable herb in Chinese medicine but I haven't dove into that realm yet. What would you recommend?

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    @simplethings4us Not sure what kind of scary side effects you are referring to with hawthorn. I have never heard of any contraindications or side effects other than to monitor your blood pressure if taking pharmaceuticals. I know several people who are taking it, some on my recommendation, and there have been no side effects or any other symptoms that they have reported to me. It has a strengthening effect on the whole cardiovascular system, not just the heart. It is more of a modulator than anything as it may help to improve hypotension as well as hypertension. This is one that I recommend in capsule or tincture form as I don't think a water extraction (tea) is sufficient. Also, it is best if you tincture the flowers and early twigs and then later tincture the berries in the same alcohol. It is more difficult to get that blend in a tea.

    The following is from the German Commission E Herbal Monographs for Hawthorn. This is what is listed for all parts of Hawthorn; flower, leaf & berry.


    No risks or contraindications are known.

    Side Effects

    None known.

    Use During Pregnancy and Lactation

    No restrictions known.

    There is another thread on smoking where there are some suggestions that might help with that part of it. Good luck! Keep trying!