I get to pick carrots today!

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Other than peas and greens this is the first significant crop of the year for me. I'm super stokes to start filling my pantry again. Wooh! What are you picking today?


  • greyfurball
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    First for the harvest but second because so-o-o very many people have problems with growing carrots. I know of many gardeners that just gave up and they never plant carrots anymore in their garden.

    So enjoy the sweet homegrown flavor because a garden carrot is so much better than those which are sold in the stores.

  • VermontCathy
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    I had an excellent carrot crop last year, but something happened this year and I've gotten almost none coming up. I plan to reseed tomorrow.

    Fortunately, it has been a good year for lettuce, spinach, and mustard, and the strawberries are starting to ripen, with many more green and white ones behind then. I think it will be a good year for peas and beans, too.

    You just don't know what to expect from year to year. Two years ago I was drowning in squash, then last year I only got a single squash fruit. Some years I have apples coming out of my ears, other years I barely get enough for a couple of pies.