Healing benefits of Calamansi - Citrofortunella microcarpa

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While living on Kaua’i I was very fortunate to reside with an elderly Filipino couple who served as my mentors in how to use the medicinal plants in our backyard garden for daily health maintenance.

Aunty and Uncle taught me so much about the native healing plants of the Philippines and how to use them for a variety of ailments. Since many of these amazing plants were growing in our backyard I had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand the incredible healing benefits of the Calamansi tree as well as other plants such as: Sambong, Moringa, Dragonfruit, Guava, Mango, Papaya, Noni, Rambutan and my favorite, Liliko’i (passionfruit).

I am focusing on the benefits of the Calamansi at our outset because of its ability to support the immune system. I experienced the benefit firsthand when I was able to clear a bad cold in just a day or so. The fruit also has a very soothing impact when the juice is drunk in warm water with honey throughout the day.

Calamansi has a unique and intense flavor and is well-loved by many chefs for its tart and citrusy and somewhat tart taste. This fruit is jam-packed with vitamin C and is thus renowned in the Philippines for its immune system support.

After researching how to access the fruit on the mainland I was happy to find that Calamansi can be grown indoors in pots and can be found growing in Florida so I’m seeking suppliers for this plant to see how well it will do indoors.

For the details on Calamansi see the link as follows:



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    @sunflowerstressrelief I'm sold. Only thing a search is not showing me where I can get a tree. I can find seeds and that means years. If you come across a supplier in Florida please update. Thanks for the info.

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    @sunflowerstressrelief Here is another question. Can it be dried & sold as dried? Is it just as medicinally potent if this can be done?

    This would lead me to...where to buy it, and especially in my country.

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    No luck yet on finding plants in North America...still searching!

    We dried the fruit in a dehydrator btw and it was incredible! I never used any other part of the plant though.

    Will provide an update when found.