What is your favorite summer homesteading footwear?

cattleuponahill Posts: 18 ✭✭✭

I am looking to buy some new summer homesteading footwear. I like the "croc like" shoes I have because they are light and airy, but they are not tough enough. I have had sharp bushes almost puncture holes in the bottom. Also, they become extremely slippery on the inside in the mud.

What is your favorite summer footwear BESIDES crocs or barn boots?


  • Acequiamadre
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    I buy comfortable, easy on/off shoes at the thrift store, beat them to hades, and repeat.

  • Torey
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    None if I am seeding or weeding or harvesting. If I am doing heavier work, I have a pair of Keen hiking boots. They are my daily footwear, year round. If I were to buy any other type footwear it would be Keen. They make an open sandal, a sport sandal, a "Muckster" in different styles, clogs, slip-on shoes, hikers of all kinds, and work-boots (including safety toes). I have no affiliation with this company. They are just the best footwear I have ever found. Very light weight. You can put on a brand new pair and wear them for 12 hours without any need for breaking them in. They are expensive but I get several years out of a pair so if you average it out it would be the same as buying a cheap pair (that might be bad for your feet) every year.

    I think it is one of the best things you can do for your structural health (and your feet) is to find comfortable, supportive footwear.

  • Leediafastje
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    I like Extratuf or Chooka. However, I know it depends on where you live and what your feet will encounter.

  • JodieDownUnder
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    Bare feet when it's appropriate. Otherwise Blundstone boots or hiking boots. Blundstone ( blunnies for short) are an Australian made boot, slip on, elastic sides, heavy duty but light weight. Come in different styles. Not sure if available in the states but they sure should be! Hiking boots, mine are Lowas, tough, light as a feather, tons of ankle support but lace up, so sometimes a pain if you're in a hurry but an awesome boot.

  • cattleuponahill
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I like bare feet in the garden, but not in the barnyard. LOL. 😂💩