Roof gardens

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Has anyone grown food on their roof. I have a flat roof. But worried about the weight of pots water and soil. It would give me tons of space though.


  • shllnzl
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    My first thought was how hot it was every time I had to work on/near a roof.

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    Weight is certainly something to consider. When building owners in New York first started doing the roof gardens they had to have an engineer look at the plans to make sure it could withstand the weight. With a flat roof I'd have to do a lot of research first lol. Not going to be an issue I need concern myself with now because this house has very steep roofs. Maybe someone else here has some knowledge specific to flat roofs.

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    @AngelaOston When I first lived on Long Island, I had a real fight getting my partner to grow any sort of veggies. I love me my oddball tasty heirloom tomatoes; he was like "just go to the store". I kept saying "I want taste" (wah wah wah). Anyway, we really had a difficult time getting enough sun, but when he tasted the couple of plants I managed to grow, he saw the light.

    And promptly lugged about 20 containers onto the roof of the house, and another 8 grow boxes onto the garage roof, which we converted to a porch/garden and cut a door from the house onto the roof where the window had been. I never could get up on the roof, fear of heights, sticking to the garage porch, but we managed to get a lot of yummy tomatoes (-: