Rabbit price drop

Lisa Pizza
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Hey rabbit people. Have you noticed a drop in the sale price of rabbits in your area? We use to sell month old rabbits for 20 each, but now they are 10 each! It is barely worth the food cost at this price.

what do you all think? Has anyone successfully raised rabbits without supplemental feed (I.e. rabbit pellets).


  • chimboodle04
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    I wonder why that is...??? We have just gotten back into breeding and raising rabbits. It took us quite a time though to even find a breeding pair - everyone around us seemed to have the same idea... Not sure about meat prices, but the local farm where we buy our pasture raised meat from said that he has had many people asking about rabbit meat and they are unable to find it. Maybe we will hook up with him in the future as an outlet to sell extra meat... As for pellets, we are raising ours on foraged greens and pasture, but they still have access to pellets. I am not anywhere near confident enough that I would be offering them everything they would need nutrient-wise yet to take those away. We invested in a good quality organic pellet though so I am comfortable feeding it to them to supplement their natural diet, and they all seem to be doing well.

  • shaley1357
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    I don't have rabbits so this may be completely off the mark, but don't prices go down every summer as breeders lower stock levels before the heat increases too much and possible losses occur? I'm sure the Pandemic has some affect as more people are wanting to raise their own meat and vegetables. I'm thinking the prices of lots of things such as this will drop further when all the people with good intentions realize that it involves actual work to raise animals and tend gardens.

    I keep thinking of raising rabbits but haven't taken the plunge yet.