Second summer planting

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I live in coastal North Carolina. We had an unusually long mild spring, so my garden exploded in April and May. I was very happy! Mid June, we had over 12 inches of rain in less than 5 days and now summer is here with humidity and 90 degree temps. Actually pretty normal.

This year I'm going to attempt a second planting of tomatoes, squash, okra etc to see if I can recover from the damage. This will be the first time I have actually done it. I have planned on it, threatened to do it but never taken action. I'll be able to grow warm weather crops until sometime in October.

Does anyone else in a warm climate plant a second crop? I know in South Florida they take the summer off because of heat and humidity. If you do this regularly, how well has it worked for you?


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    I'm not in a super warm climate, Wisconsin Zone 4B, but i can get second planting crops especially leafy greens and herbs, also can usually get radishes, etc. until mid October. Had to replant much of initial crop of tomatoes, squash etc. because of not normal hard freeze-even covered with buckets and tarp, most did not survive-replants and survivors going good now though. Best of luck! :)

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    I'm in Maryland near DC and this is my first time doing a second planting too. I've always meant to but we usually travel in July-August so I never got around too. Oddly enough, we're home this year - bet you never would have guessed that - so I'm putting in more tomatoes, beans, peas, and cucumbers.

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    Check on your seed packets for the days to maturity and choose varieties that will fit within your time frame until your fall frost date. Season extenders and row covers will also help if you need to smidge out a bit more growing time. We are in NE Ohio and plan on putting in a second crop of potatoes still next week for the fall - definitely give yours a try!

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    I used to put in a late summer planting of Sugar snap peas or just peas because they will grow until frost-October sometime. I just planted a second planting of the greens I did in mid June. I am growing in a much shadier place this year but most of the seeds are coming up.

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    I am in Alabama and I am in the process of planning a second planting. It is very hot and humid so I just go out either early in the day or later in the day and my garden is not large so it is manageable. And now that I am gardening and a lot of it in containers I find myself seeing things and thinking "What should I plant in that _____?"

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    in Appalachian Eastern TN, folks plant a second planting for the brassica, greens, chars, beans, sometimes tomatoes (early producers usually Just in Case). Last year I was picking tomatoes into the end of October!