Ants everywhere!

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Does anyone have a pesticide-free solution? We are overrun with small black ants here!

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    @sunflowerstressrelief My neighbor killed a few main mounds/nests with his recipe. I will get that info from him when he gets home in a couple of days. I can tell you now that vinegar is part of his recipe... pesticide free. The result is as many of my tub planters and raised beds were over run with the small red ants that bite and hurt and swell .. my only solution I could come up with was to remove all infested dirt and place in a large trash container (clean to start with) and drown them...that part worked but I had more tubs to deal with and then one day soon after that when I went ant hunting again, they were gone... So late last week I asked my neighbor if he killed my ants and that was when he told me he did but only the front hills... My analysis which I strongly believe to be correct is that the queen or queens were in those hills that he sprayed. And when that happened, the rest of them left my yard.

    I'll post the recipe as soon as he gets home.

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