Fall projects... courses to learn new skills

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1) Herbal medicine

2) Building Banjos

3) Pottery

4) Woodwork

5) Net Making, including hammocks.

Things I always wanted to do. May as well do those oddball things now that I otherwise would have done after retirement and maybe make a few bucks as sidelines.


  • Megan Venturella
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    Get on it! I’m so glad for every skill I picked up before I had kids, because there’s no time for that stuff now. I’ve been trying to study herbal medicine, learning to grow my own food, and raise animals with the kids, but there’s never the opportunity to really focus now. I’d like to learn to spin and raise bees someday...

  • Ethereal Earth
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    Those sound like great projects to work on. Mine would be to continue my herbalist education, learn incense making, sewing and canning.

  • Bigfamilyboss
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    Good goals!

    Mine are

    1 learning to farm on 1/8th of an acre instead of 35

    2 setting up a grow room in the basement

    3 selling my farm

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    Goals are important, not to put unnecessary pressure or stress on us, just to keep focused. Too many times little things can divert our attention (like tv). I am a list maker - my frig looks like a journal gone bad. My goals are:

    1 Continue to streamline my processes to save time and energy (mine).

    2 Focus on making my farm more symbiotic and self reliant (animal compost to support food plants, etc.) Creating sustainable cycles.

    3 Maintain a balance of projects that are necessary and projects that are creative / productive & fun. (see #1).

    I like the grow room in the basement - that is so achievable with today's technology. I know some folks who are doing a fantastic work on a porch and garage - feeding themselves and their neighbors! Good luck.

  • maimover
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    Yes! Learn the things you’ve wanted to learn and maybe someone (the wife to birth those babies) will be there too.

    I’d like to learn to quilt. I’ve been collecting up denim for a couple of years now as I really want to make a denim quilt. In the past (many years ago) I knew a little bit about sewing, made a few things for the kids but that was forever ago and I’d really like to learn to be be more proficient with that. And although I probably don’t have the strength I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have a woodworking shop with tools I could operate. My neighbor that helps me around here and I have done quite a few things with pallets and it would be so much easier if there was a place to work on things as well as the proper tools and the knowledge to use them safely 😊

  • Ethereal Earth
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    I am feeling the whole proper tools and space thing. We are trying to put together a "free seed Library" (like the ones for books but just for seeds) for our friend's animal sanctuary and community garden. We do not have the space or a table saw so putting it together has taken double the time it should have and it looks like a mess. But we are still proud of the learning that has gone along the way.

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    Let me know if you come across a good way to learn for hammocks. Hand tying my own was on my summer to do list but I haven't found a good learning source yet

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    You are amazing. I swear you have the answer to everything

  • judsoncarroll4
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    Thanks! But, I do not. The older I get the more I realize that I do not know.