Pea plants and a white powder

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I recently ripped out some of my pea plants as they were about done and it was time to plant some more cucumbers. While ripping them out I noticed a white powder coming off of the leaves. They had no signs of distress, is this normal and I just never paid attention to it or is it something to be concerned about. I mainly am curious if I should toss them into the burn pile or compost heap?


  • greyfurball
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    This time of year a white powder on any plant is usually powdery mildew. And if that is it, burn them. You don't want that disease in your compost pile.

    But the only problem now with that statement is peas don't usually get powdery mildew. (Or it could be a type of pea which I've never grown before). So are you sure there isn't a tree/bush/plant somewhere in the neighborhood which has blossoms which are blowing in the wind?

    As an example, when my crabapple tree drops its blossoms every year, my entire yard is covered in small white spots over everything.

    If you remember where you got the seeds, call the company and tell them the seed you purchased and see if they know if the variety you got is susceptible to powdery mildew or just ask them if they know what it could be.

    Good luck... that's the one part of gardening which sometimes takes time. We do become really good detectives.

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    My sugar snap peas almost always ended up with powdery mildew when I lived in the Seattle area.