Wild Weather Stories

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We are awestruck watching stories & pictures from a major storm that hit a large area of our province Sunday night. It came complete with a tornado. Lots of green in those pictures! It is good that nobody was hurt.

Some places had 12" of rain. There were high amounts for the most part. We were lucky we had only 4 1/2". At our house, we'd only had 1/2" of rain until then. A round 2 last night hit some places hard. Some bridges are out or close to going, many roads & highways are closed due to washouts, and one small community is dealing with flooding like they have not seen before. Another had a small dam burst. The closest city, Brandon, had major flooding issues too. Lots of fields won't recover. The major river just south of us went up 4' already & will rise another 6', they say. At least it was super low beforehand.

We were driving home, from a friends house, through the storm. We could barely see the road at times due to the rain & hail. The wind was very strong. We had to drive through 2 highway washouts in progress, one of which almost took us right off the highway. Someone else wasn't so lucky. It was a long & stressful drive...exciting, though.

We are fortunate. No backups or extra water in the basement. We had a few wet birds & a little water on our main floor due to roof leaks and some rain blowing in though some open windows, but we were blessed with little damage. A new heavy tarp is going on our roof today...the fastest & cheapest way to prepare for more rain yet to come tomorrow.

We are enjoying the break from high temps & high humidity today. More is yet to come, I'm sure.

That's our latest excitement here.

Edit to add: One other dam has burst, leading to an evacuation of 50 homes and much flooding. There is another storm coming tomorrow over the same area...high winds even more rain possible, and possible tornado action too.

We don't plan on going anywhere.