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I have noticed that there is a growing number of members from the Pacifica region on here. I was thinking that in order for you to meet or sell or exchange anything (if ever) and to compare regional notes, it would be helpful to know...where do you call home?

Keep things brief, as my purpose for this thread is to be only for short introductions & reference, not necessarily discussion. We can do this elsewhere on TGN.

If you want to discuss region specific topics, feel free to post a new discussion in a new thread in "Pacifica".

@jodienancarrow You may want to take special interest in this thread. 😁


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    Thanks @LaurieLovesLearning , I may as well kick this off. Hi and welcome to TGN, especially if you're new to this forum. Home for me is the Coffs Coast hinterland NSW. THe best of both worlds, live in the bush but only 25 mins to the ocean. Great climate too. I'm into being self sufficient, love my veggie garden, cooking, keeping healthy, hiking, mountain bikes, horse riding etc. Lucky enough to be retired and enjoying life. How about others from the Pacifica region, touch base, introduce yourself and say g'day, kia ora, bula, talofa or hello!

  • Elizabeth Voss
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    Hi @jodienancarrow I'm down in the cold (18 today) Melbourne area, about 1/2 an hour from the Dandenong - a house with enough front and backyard to experimanet with gardens but too many possums to do any traditinal ground gardens.

    I lived in New York City til I moved here in 2010 and always wanted to gadren. I had so many gorgeous plants in my apartment - but no green thumb here - learning everything anew.

    Took a permaculture class 2019 so underatnd sun mapping and created one large keyhole garden with my own soil from hot composting. seedlings sprouting now (my first ever!) so I am a fledging at 55 and even though I am going to school to practice environmental health - I have time to learn gardenign everyday - but too many books and too little going out in my yards and just getting into it - a little intimidated! love books and learning and a little jog every now and then - learning to get out of my head with my garden. One idea: Have this old bathtub and thinking - another garden? with mushroom growing underneath? a frog pond for the front yard? (which has a 2 meter high brick fence so we are private). Nice to know a"neighbour"!

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    @Elizabeth Voss hi there and welcome to the forum. There don’t seem to be too many aussies on the forum atm but I do enjoy conversing with liked minded souls all over the planet. I’m sure you’ll enjoy and learn on this journey.

    We have a netted veggie garden to stop the possums, bandicoots and birds. It works extremely well, maybe something to consider. It is very rewarding to be self sufficient, knowing what you put in your body is healthy and chemical free. There will always be failures, learn from them and move on. I have and will continue to do so. Just get out there and have a crack, you’ll be pleased you did.

    How did you get on with the lockdown? Hope it wasn’t to stressful. All the very best.

  • ranjini.tissera
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    @Elizabeth Voss

    I think I can be considered a neighbour. I migrated in 1999, and now live about half an hour from Dandenong ranges. Love gardening and doing things in the nature, although do not have much time as I am still working fulltime (in my late sixties but in god health). I am really interested to know more about what you said, "going to school to practice environmental health ". Would love to join along with my husband any community or class in the area where we can learn and engage in environmental friendly ways of doing things.

    Hope you are enjoying the current sunny spell

  • torey
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    @ranjini.tissera Welcome to TGN's forum. Nice to have another voice from "down under".

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @ranjini.tissera hello and a big warm welcome to TGN forum. I was down in Victoria last year, just before the 1st big Covid lockdown. Didn’t get over to your area but got to see a bit of the state I hadn’t seen before. Daylesford and surrounding area, great ocean road and even got to the MCG to watch the women’s T20 cricket final on international women’s day!

    You will really enjoy being a part of this forum, safe, friendly and very informative. Have you checked out any landcare groups where you live? They are a great starting point, to be involved with like minded people. Again welcome, warm regards Jodie

  • ranjini.tissera
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    @jodienancarrow Thanks Jodie. I hope you liked Daylesford. One of my favourite day trips. Dandenong ranges are really worth exploring. Maybe your next trip down under. I will certainly check the landcare groups. Haven't heard of that before LOL.

    Look forward to being a part of the forum

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