Garden talk!!

Nancy Carter
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I enjoy gardening. It gives me a wonderful feeling! Growing flowers, plants and vegetables I feel great about it! Something I recently realized was I get a simular feeling when talking to others about gardening. I visited a neighbor several evenings ago and we chatted about her garden, she gave me a tour! It was lovely! We discussed pros and cons of having a small home greenhouse. We discussed various growing and pruning techniques, seed availability, size and cost of commercial and local products. We awwed over beautiful blooms and discovering new growth!! The energy created during our chat was inviting and exciting too! It was nurturing and calming as well. What feelings have you discovered from having garden talks? Does it encourage you to do more, enjoy more and appreciate your garden area more? What are your garden talks like?


  • JaneMcTavish
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    Several locals never having had a garden decided to form a seed/plant/and so much more group. Anyone is welcome and we all chat about plants, our gardens, just everything. It was decided to connect by social media. Most of us show pictures of whatever our questions or what we're excited about. And funny pet invaders into pots and gardens. The thought was the few of us sharing tools, labor, knowledge, seeds and plants would be a good thing. Turns out there are folks from three states sharing, not just a handful here in town. Next will be preserving our harvests. It has been and is pretty exciting. Guess we're together for the long haul as plans for next gardening season are being planned as we're loving all we are accomplishing this season. It really is wonderful .

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @Nancy Carter I think it's the connection thing. When I come across someone who is passionate about their garden, who talks, shares and listens, it doesn't matter what they're into, they are a pleasure to be around. You get them, they get you. It inspires you to try new things, see things in a different light and the same for them.

  • Karen luihn
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    one of my favorite books is Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes (different and way better than the movie) she describes the rundown villa and gardens she has purchased in Tuscany on a whim and how she lovingly works to restore the Villa and gardens..a lot of hard work with so many rewards. I read this book every year in anticipation of spring and it motivates me to try, yet again, to create a beautiful garden.