Adventures in High Performance Gardening 23 - Garden Harvest Results

Marjory Wildcraft
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Lynn and Marjory here - it's time to show you guys how awesome our high performing garden is doing. We're half way through the garden season. The garden is producing so much that we HAVE TO SHARE.

My biggest problems are oversized zucchinis that I forgot to harvest. And Lynn asks the most important questions:

Q #1 - How's my harvest? AMAZING! I've given away tons and my freezer is FULL :D

Q #2 - How hard has this all been? EEEAASSYY. I'm in the garden 10 minutes max per day!

Q #3 - How many weeds have we pulled all season? Less than a mason jars worth

Usually by this time, most people's gardens contain more weeds than food. ;)


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