The shady garden

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I am sitting in the house that has excellent insulation and it is only 80 degrees inside. Outdoors it hit 104 at one point.

Because I like a wide variety of veggies, I plant a garden in an area that receives only morning light. To the west and overhanging are pomegranate trees which I prune to keep this growing box an open area. 6 hours of light and plenty of water keep this bed flourishing!

So, what is in there? Right now, snap peas, lettuce, turnips, carrots that were recently seeded(carrots do not like to germinate in temps above 75 degrees) parsley, and basil. There is a Hibiscus in there as well as lemon balm for tea. We get a surprising volume of food from this 8'x5' area. I have used this as a nursery bed in spring when the pomegranates are cut back farther.

I could include kale, fennel, celery, and young brassicas waiting to be transplanted into full light when it begins to cool off. I have enough of these crops in a full sun area that we are harvesting right now.

How could you make this work in your garden space?


  • naomi.kohlmeier
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    We have seven fruit trees, 5 of which are in my garden space. I planted green beans under my apricot tree and they get very little direct light each day. I would consider them the best crop I've ever had. The bugs leave them alone and the beans are growing straight and long with no defects. I also have some sweet corn under the tree and had to prune some low hanging branches so it could grow taller. We also have our strawberries under the apple and peach trees. Bumper crop this year. Along one fence that gets about 4-6 hours of direct sunlight we have berry bushes, mint, lemon balm, basil and flowers.

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    I am growing lettuce and nettles under a tree so that they only get morning sun which seems to be best even though my temps only get to 90 at the hottest part of the summer (I am in So. Calif). My horseradish is in sun but it does best with wet soil so it may work in partial shade as well.