More Potato Problems!!!!!!!!

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Alright, so my potato plants are not looking good! The leaves are curling and are starting to look yellowish. I don't think they are dry, so if anyone has experience with this please give your advice!


  • chimboodle04
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    About this time my potato plants begin to naturally die back. Have yours flowered already? If so, it could very well just be the natural process... Also, is it all of them at once or just one or two?

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    chimboodle04 They are all doing the curling thing and yes some of them have flowered but not all of them. I will keep you posted! Do the spuds continue to grow after the plant is dead? Thank you so much!!!!

  • VermontCathy
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    No, once the tops die it's time to harvest. The potato tubers underground won't keep growing.

    Did you put manure in your potato patch? When I hear that leaves are curling up on a lot of plants in the same bed, I worry that you might have gotten aminopyralid (herbicide) contamination from manure.

    Are any other plants in your garden getting curling leaves too?

  • danielle.meitiv
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    I’ll echo the above - once the plants have flowered they naturally start to yellow and die. Then it’s harvest time. If you live in a warm area, this happens pretty quickly. Potatoes grow best in cool weather - below 70-ish degrees, I find - so summer crops go through the cycle pretty quickly.

    Depending on where you live, you can start potatoes early and get a crop before the rest of the veggies need the garden space. In the DC area I sow them in the fall and wait until they come up on their own, harvesting around May.

  • Elizabeth Voss
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    Hi @danielle.meitiv how cool about sharing the garden space - sow in fall and harvest end of spring - my first potato bag is doing well. about to try throwing more potatoes in a container even though it is early spring as I have some sprouting potatoes in thepantry. Just owrries that it gets super super hot in summer, but now cooland rainy. thanks for sharing!