Storms and Sweet Corn

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Two nights ago we had 70 mile an hour winds. My 11 ft. tall sweetcorn was blown over and is laying on the ground, but didn't break. It was about half way through pollinating and some of it is showing signs of standing back up. We straightened up the stalks as best we can with support. Is there any hopes of a decent crop or will it not pollinate properly?


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    @naomi.kohlmeier 11ft sweet corn! awesome!

    Our corn fell down too. Friday night the wind and the rain completely knocked it down. It wasn't in the flowering stage yet.

    We drove a couple of stakes in the ground along the rows and then ran string to each post. This allowed us to prop up the corn and keep it falling over again.

    I'd say plants are pretty resilient, you are likley to get a crop. Hard to say for sure without knowing how much potential pollen was able to pollinate. Plants are pretty good about reproduction. Being stressed, they may even produce more.

  • naomi.kohlmeier
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    @Hassena thanks for the feedback. My husband did the same thing as you with the posts and string. It did help some. A good portion of the corn made an attempt to straighten back up. We'll have to wait and see how much of a harvest we get.

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    @naomi.kohlmeier Oh No! That sucks. We had that happen just at the start of pollination a couple of years ago. It didn't straighten up and we ended up with about a dozen ears from over 100 stalks. Hope it works better for you. I keep telling myself it that happens again I will hand pollinate it all. yeah right

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    @dottile46 yes, it does! We ate one meal from in last night and it was tasty! I don't know if we will get much more than that. Most of it isn't quite ready.