Elderberries at our lagoon: Will they "come clean"?

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I've discovered an elderberry bush growing, of all places, on the back dam of our household lagoon. Just in passing I mentioned this to my chiropractor who is very much into natural health. She was not put out in the least about using berries from it. Her exact words were, "As long as no one in your household is on prescription meds or antibiotics it should be fine. Think about this, we (meaning her household) take probiotics, eat organic as much as possible, and don't take prescription meds or antibiotics. We are constantly having to trim around our lagoon because everything wants to grow there. Our neighbors have been there five or six years and nothing ever grows around their lagoon. They take all kinds of prescriptions."

I still am not comfortable using those berries. However, if I took starts from it and planted elsewhere, how long, if ever, would it be before the "nasty" was flushed out of them and the berries be ok to use?

We don't take prescription meds, try to eat healthy, etc but the sinks drain into there. Hubby always has some kind of petroleum product on his hands whether it is diesel or oil from the tractor or grease and oil from the machines where he works. He washes his hands before he leaves work but it isn't all off. Well, from the look of the hand towels it still isn't after he washes them at home. Lol

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    @seasparrow32 WOW! What a powerful statement "You won't enjoy these elderberries no matter how good they are for you if you are worried they contain pathogens." So well put.

    Yes, it is a household sewage lagoon. Toilets, showers, sinks, dishwasher, and washing machine all dump into it.