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Ok, I know I spend way too much time digging around trying to find documentation of my lineage. 🧐 Tonight I found something that just sets me afire. I know I shouldn't get that worked up about it but dang it!! πŸ˜•

I'm researching a line and come upon this tree that has all kinds of information on my "R" line. I look and they do have sources attached. Gee, someone has more info on my line than I do, and can actually go back farther than 1813. 😲

In the end, I find that they have located my 4th greatgrandfather listed in the city director in Pinellas Park, Florida in 1957. Really? His son was born in 1813. Guess I have some longevity in my genes. πŸ™„


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    @dottile46 Haha, Incredible longevity!, That is the challenge of doing family history! Think oft he stories that man would have been able to tell. My wife's grandpa was born in 1899 and lived in rural Colorado on land his father homesteaded. He would say how amazing it was to have gone from horse transportation to seeng man walking on the moon!