Cytokine Storm?

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    I'm not sure the research world knows enough about this virus to make any claims to prevention/treatment. The fact that this virus finds the weakest body system in a person and the causes an escalating inflammatory response is quite impressive. It also seems to be mutating, so, I don't believe there is an end to this outbreak any time in the near future.

    All we can do is stay as healthy as possible and boost our immune systems with our own tried and true herbal immune boosters. Mine is elderberry syrup in the morning and fire cider in the evening!

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    I agree. I take a lomatium dissectum and elderberry combination tincture every day. I do also have grape leaves tinctured to help with possible cytokine storm.

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    Early on I did a free video on coronavirus from the Ayurvedic perspective - the cytokine storm is a severe Pitta aggravation. But I believe all three doshas are involved (if you know what those are). Turmeric, quercetin, and some other supplements may help. If anyone is interested I could see if I could post a link to the video class here.

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    It is always good to ensure that you are getting a proper balance of omegas for optimal health. Having a healthy body, mind and spirit along with a prepared immune system is one of the best defences against any kind of illness. But I don't think omegas on their own will help to cure or treat COVID-19.

    I also have a bit of an issue with recommending krill oil. I am sure there are some ethically harvested krill oil products but be wary. A lot of the kill oil products on the market are not being ethically or sustainably harvested, nor are they of the best quality. Read your labels.

    Another good way to get omegas, besides eating fish, is grass fed beef.

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    @stephanie447 Please do post the class.

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    And they say vitamin D is important. This is the first year I'm actually getting really tanned, just to build up my D stores.

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    vit D is critical for many body needs. And it is really a hormone so that should add to the awesomeness of it...

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    Another cool place to get omega 3 and 6 is dragon fruit (my personal favorite is the yellow variety) as well as flax seed oil. In relation to vitamin D, Dr. Nuzum says that it supports over 20,000 gene products (the human body has over 100,000). Here is his website if anyone is interested:

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    Here is the free Ayurveda and coronavirus class - please ignore the technical issues in the beginning - I eventually got my slides to work.

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    Search GreenMedInfo. Sawyer Ji's site for SARS2003 studies and herbal and plant remedies. This corona19 shares about 85% DNA match with the existing SARS2003. There are some interesting findings and more than a handful of plants in extract or to consume that kills the virus. And for being on this topic, it will also reverse the storm.

    Additionally, for the storm, one must restore the lungs with an air difusser or an nebulizer. EO of eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon, not all at the same time though, will air purify the room and reduce the virus in the room air.

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