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Hi All -

I had an abundance of garlic this year and put a bunch of rinsed & dried off, peeled cloves in avocado oil to store in the refrigerator for future use. I've done this in the past in a large quart jar with plenty of head room, but the jar I'm asking about today was a used, washed/cleaned pickled carrot jar. Anyway, when I was selecting a jar to give to a neighbor, I noticed this jar was oily so I opened the lid and that cause quite a bit of "off-gassing"/bubbling up that I have not ever seen in any previous jars I've stored. I opened two others I stored on the same day and there were a few little bubbles that percolated up to the top, but nothing at all like the upsurge I got on the jar in question. I'm certain this is not an "unsanitary" issue and garlic is supposed to be antibacterial and antiviral, etc., right?

Question: Does garlic ferment in oil even while stored in the refrigerator?

I did not acidify the garlic prior to putting it in the oil.

Can this be botulism?

p.s. I did NOT give this jar or any other jars to the neighbor. I want to see if it's fermented myself in the next recipe I need it in.


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    These jars of garlic when in the refrigerator on 6/13/20 (one month now).

    Been doing lots of reading after my post above and have decided to go the safe route and put these jars of garlic oil in my compost. No sense chancing it.

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    I agree!

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    Good decision - garlic in oil should not ferment, so there is a chance that the bacteria in your jar was NOT friendly.

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    You might be safer trying dried garlic instead. Anytime you put fresh ingredients into oil you are more at risk for bacteria and spoilage. Good luck with your oils. It’s a bummer to throw it out but I think you made the right choice😊

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    I agree, you were right to dispose of it. Not sure what would cause the fermentation but I have heard of cases of botulism caused by garlic oil. That usually happens in un-refrigerated oil, though. Could have been the jar or perhaps some bacteria on the garlic? Maybe a bit of skin remained on one of the cloves and it had soil bacteria on it? Maybe some free wild yeast in the air the day it was prepared? Could be one or more of several reasons.

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    Definitely better safe than sorry!