Fluffy scrambled eggs is possible?


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    Well, the Mennonites make a traditional egg dish called rührei or ruehrei. It is one of the few ways that I will eat eggs. They are fluffy & very delicious.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning I was watching a cooking program and they were saying that the reason a lot of omelets are so fluffy is the restaurant uses pancake mix in the batter. The recipe looks like it has most of the same ingredients.

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    I think my fritatas are fluffy ... i whip the eggs with yogurt. (shrug)

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    The ultimate gently cooked scrambled eggs... as featured in a wonderful Nero Wolfe novel by Rex Stout (Ruth Stout's brother... yes, the great gardening writer was sister tot he great mystery writer... very intelligent family!)

    From The Nero Wolfe Cookbook, copyright 1973, fourth printing April 1974. Original copyright 1934.

    • 6 large eggs
    • 1 cup light cream
    • ½ teaspoon salt
    • 2 grinds black pepper
    • 2 tablespoons butter
    • 4 tablespoons clarified butter
    • several drops tarragon wine vinegar

    Bring water in double boiler to simmer. Mix eggs, cream, salt, and pepper in a large bowl, whisk vigorously. Melt butter in double boiler, then add egg mixture. Cover double boiler, leave for 15 minutes.

    Meanwhile, cook clarified butter in a pan on extremely low heat until brown. When done, and off heat, add vinegar.

    After 15 minutes, open double boiler and begin stirring continuously until eggs are at desired texture.

    Serve, spooning butter-vinegar sauce on top of eggs.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning thank you for this insight! That makes sense, wow. I will be adding my einkorn pancake batter to the eggs next time! This is a great post too, thank you for sharing the pictures of the recipe. I will be trying this! I don't like eggs but I force myself to eat them for the health benefits... so any way I can make them tastier helps!

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    My mother always used to cook us scrambled eggs in a double-boiler, but she never used the butter-vinegar sauce!! I just do them with cream, parsley, salt and black pepper in a pan with butter. Then, when tipped onto the plate, a smear of Vegemite across the top :D

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    While I like eggs, mostly soft boiled, or over easy, I have never liked scrambled eggs and this string of comments explains why. My daughter always liked my mother-in-law's scrambled eggs and she used club soda instead of milk. Lots of food for thought here.

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    Here’s a find trick for an omelet. Add your egg mixture to an oven safe fry pan, while cooking on the stove only push the egg mixture towards the center of pan. No scrabbling. When mixture is almost done but still moist put the pan with the eggs under the hot broiler in the oven. Once it starts to puff you can add slices of cheese on top and return to broiler to finish melting. Take out and slide onto plate, either cut in pie slices or flip in half to look like an omelette. This is so yummy. You can add vegetables to the eggs at the start. Let creativity give this dish some yumminess.

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    If you want to spot a fabulous cook, ask them to make you an omelet or a pot of rice! As a former chef/caterer/restaurant kitchen magician, I can say these seem to be the two hardest foods for folks to master, and probably because of the subtleties involved.

    While the double boiler technique is intriguing, I am adverse to cleaning too many pots and pans (any dishes for that matter), so I use a non-stick skillet that can go under the broiler (IF I am making an omelet), a nice dollop of butter and mix a little cream or half & half into the eggs with salt and pepper. Slow cooking is good; never want eggs to brown!

    OH, and use excellent eggs, OK? Get some from chickens that run around on pasture!

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    This has been so enlightening to read. Lots of chuckles too. Good to know what works best!

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    Best eggs ever are of course farm fresh, beat in a little cream, salt and pepper (or whatever seasoning you prefer) and cook slowly using real butter to coat your skillet!! Add cheese and fresh chopped green onion!! Superb!!

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    My scrambled eggs are fluffy, I just use a little water and beat them well. Yes they are room temp when I start. I also always sauté any additional ingredients like mushrooms, peppers, bacon, etc. to add after the eggs start to set then add any cheese after the eggs have set. I'm hungry.