How do I heal my Peach Tree ???

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Hi, I have a peach tree that has grown big & beautiful over several years since I planted it as a starter tree I purchased. It gives us amazing blossoms in spring & tons of peaches form yet they many prematurely fall off & the rest half rot before they ripen on the tree :( I got rid of leaf curl but now its been about 2 year with this new problem. Seems maybe a borer bug got in the trunk??? The trunk began to crack & leak sap & now its spread further up the tree this year. I was told to make a spray of NEEM OIL from a radio show on gardening but they said no more! How to apply when, how much etc? I scoured the internet & found some instruction but after weeks of spraying the trunk & whatever I could reach - nothing good came of it. I am desperate to have at least one good crop which I never have had. Very Sad... If anyone can help please tell me what I can start doing now (July 2020) to heal my tree for 2021 ? I am not sure how to find this blog again? If possible would you also copy your reply & email it to [email protected] .......THANK YOU IN ADVANCE !!!!!!!!!!! MANY BLESSINGS...... PS if it helps - I got this tree in 2012 with promise of it fruiting in 2-3 years which it did yet the above has ruined it!