Patchouli does anyone use it for herbal remedies?

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Please share what you use it for and how you do it.

Do you use fresh or dry leaves?

I found a lot of info on how good it can be but not a lot on how to use it. I don't want to buy the oil if I can make it, kind of thing.

Thanks everyone for info shared, you guys are so smart and have so much info in your brains!


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    @bcabrobin Most of the information on the medicinal uses of Patchouli are referring to the Essential Oil. Use of the leaves, themselves seems to be restricted to pot pourris and incense or for lining drawers and closets to keep bugs away. Incense can be used therapeutically, similarly to aromatherapy. Hopefully, one of the Street Team with aromatherapy experience can make comments on the therapeutic uses of patchouli EO.

    Dried leaves could be added to soaps or body scrubs.

    To make an essential oil you would need a still and a LOT of plant material. As to making an infused oil from the leaves themselves, I don't know of anyone who has done that. But patchouli won't grow in my area so no experience with the fresh or dried leaves.

    Because of my lack of experience with this as a herb, I personally, would avoid using it internally unless you can find a herbalist with more experience. Definitely wouldn't use it during pregnancy or lactation.