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So way back when this whole thing began and toilet paper was non-existent in my area (as everywhere). I found some organic bamboo toilet paper online, paid more than I ever thought I'd pay for tp and was grateful to do so. It came in a pack of 6 and you could either buy 1 pack or six. Not knowing how long the shortage would last, I bought six packs (36 rolls). Well turns out it's one ply and not that soft. I've been forcing myself to use it even though good old regular tp has become available again where I live. Knowing that if I let myself go buy "the good stuff" this will sit unused in my closet til the next worldwide shortage. So my question - what would you do - use it til it's gone or donate it and "treat yourself to the good stuff"?


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    If you aren't going to use it, since you don't like it; donate it. There are plenty of places that will accept it. If the money spent on it is not an issue, why keep it?

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    Donate it if you don't think the shortage will occur again.

    I had a chance to sample a roll of bamboo toilet paper. I liked it so much that I got on a waiting list to buy a case of it. It is definitely more expensive, but worth it because it works so well for the more serious business. It is soft enough for us.

    I admit to trying to use the cheaper stuff for liquid only clean-up. (TMI anyone?)

    Anyway, if you can afford it, check out www.reelpaper.co

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    Think of other ways you can use it. It would probably be great for making seed tape, soaking up small spills, cleaning stuff you don't want to have to wash a rag, etc. Maybe more but it depends on how strong it is as to how you can use it. Maybe donate it if you would rather not have to find uses for it but keep a few for emergency or camping tp.

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    I am one to "suck it up, buttercup" unless it something harmful/too small or big; but we are talking TP... I would use it and use it as a lesson learned!!

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    I'd try to use for other purposes like @seeker.nancy - Central Texas mentions.

    Or I'd donate it.

    It's alright to have some comforts :)

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    I vote donate it, why torture yourself? Maybe keep a few rolls on hand for emergency supplies but that's all. You deserve better.

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    @shllnzl More TMI to come.

    I grew up using one brand of TP. Probably something most people would leave on the grocery store shelf even during a pandemic. Every time I go somewhere and use any other brand, I end up with a UTI. My kids all have the nice fluffy stuff and have tried to "treat" me to a better brand, however my bum is having none of it. As soon as I start using my brand again, all is right with the world. Guess I gotta keep the microbiome content.

    Treat your bum right. @seeker.nancy - Central Texas has great ideas!

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    There's a Kevin Galalae on fb and you tube talking of depop moves and he mentions bleach used in tp, to be wary of it! Kinda harsh on the privates, eh?

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    @frogvalley You are probably allergic to something they put in most TP --I say stick with what works. Your brand is probably better for the environment too.

    (I may convert to the Reel brand completely; that will depend on my finances and product availability. It is a good product and good for me and the environment.)

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    @shllnzl I wish I could say it was good for the environment, boy do I wish that. I've taken such care with food, energy, clothing, cleaning products, etc, but this is the one thing I can't change. I've tried all the good (most natural) ones, all the bad ones and everything in-between. If I use it more than once or twice - issues. I take my own TP anytime I go on vacation or visit my kids. My TP has everything horrible done to it that a company can do to it, but my body is used to it.

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    @frogvalley We all do the best we can. We are still doing so much more for nature than the average person.

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