What to do with toothache herb

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So i picked up my new farm box yesterday...yay! Included in my box was a container of fresh herb marked toothache. Also known as fuzzy buttons i know absolutely nothing about this herb and would be appreciative of suggestions how to process, do i process, the latin name and family, anything else that would be helpful. Thank you.


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    I can't wait for someone's comment who knows this herb

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    There are 3 species of plants called "Toothache" plant. Spilanthes acmella, Spilanthes oleracea, and Acmella oleracea. All in the Asteraceae family. I have never used it before but it is supposed to be quite effective as an analgesic and anti-microbial for toothache or gum pain/infection. It is gastro-protective and a digestive.

    You can use it fresh or dried. Or make a tincture from it.

    Because this is in the Asteraceae family, anyone with a ragweed allergy should use caution.

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    Thank you for the feedback. I actually tried a teeny bit and wow! Powerful stuff. Also a sialogogue. I put in freezer for future use. Hopefully i never need it

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    I ordered seeds this past Winter from Baker Creek for the toothache plant, the yellow one. I don't see the genus online but I'm sure it's on the package...which is currently buried because of moving things around (which I do constantly, lol). The plant just seemed like a handy thing to have around. I started seed for more than I thought I would need, just in case. I ended up putting seven plants in the ground. It is very slow growing in this hard clay and Bermuda grass but it put on blooms almost right away. I ordered the solid yellow ones. I admit to not trying it yet lol but I will. I plant to harvest, dry and tincture most of it but save a bit out to keep for other applications. It is such a cute little plant, but with some compost and mulch it would probably be twice it's size. Even it I don't ever use it for it's "purpose" and hope I don't have to, I will probably be adding it in different areas because I like how it looks and it would be great in a grouping with other flowers.