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2:05 am. There's a little something going on in my left side towards my back. Kind of a spasm. It's probably because I ate something with gluten. Try to go back to sleep.

2:10 am. The pain is a little more intense. My intestines hurt like bowling balls going through them. It must be Covid-19 because the plumber came yesterday and I forgot to wear my mask. I take Arsenicum (homeopathic remedy) for digestive upset.

2:26 am. It frigin' hurts. Oh. OH. OOOOOOOOH!! "This is a kidney stone (yes, I've had them before)" I tell myself between panting like they teach you in childbirth classes. It's time to bring out all of the kidney stone home remedies, BECAUSE I HURT and am going to have to go to the hospital soon.

2:30 am. I drink a name brand soda that has phosphoric acid (skipping the asparagus for now), sip liquid Magnesium, drink a quart of water, swallow Chanca Piedra tincture, dissolve Berberis homeopath remedy tablets under my tongue and I'm STILL IN PAIN.

2:45 am. Writhing in pain, I discover that it is almost gone when I bend backwards. Yes, backwards! It also feels better when I push on it. So strange because it's never been like that before (eight or so episodes of passing stones over 38 years).

2:55 am. Brilliant idea - search the web for HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY, KIDNEY STONE, BETTER WHEN BENDING BACKWARDS. Eureka! Dioscorea/Wild Yam. Only trouble is - it's almost 3 am. Still panting while bending backwards and pushing on the pain, I search through all the homeopathic remedies only to come up empty. Wait, there are about 80 combination remedies that were discontinued that I bought and put on the top shelf just in case I might need one. Maybe one of them has Dioscorea. 67 bottles later, I find one for Colic that has it as one of seven ingredients. Ripping off the packaging and cap, I downed the appropriate dose ...........and nothing........ for about 2 minutes. And then, just as quickly as it came, it left.

3:10 am. The pain was started up again. OK, so take another dose. It worked in about 2 minutes.

3:30 am. A little pain. One last dose? Let's go for it.

3:45 am. Asleep.

When I woke up the next day, I found the article that led to my middle of the night treasure hunt. It was written by a famous New Zealand homeopath who quoted my personal family homeopathic physician for assisting in his own kidney stone relief with Dioscorea. The universe is so cool.

Three cheers for the internet, for people sharing their tribulations and of course for the universe.


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    @frogvalley What an incredibly cool story with a happy ending and that nice little twist about the link between your persoanal homeopathic physician and the New Zealand homeopath! Love it.

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    @frogvalley My husband had a bad kidney stone last weekend, so off to the emergency room we went. He is not into alternative medicine. He is, however, reluctantly drinking mint tea (disguised by juice) to help keep stones from forming.

    I am making notes from your posting. Thanks for sharing.

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    I love this story. Our youngest son has suffered with kidney stones. Good info to know. Thank you.

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    @frogvalley Great story about homeopathy! I'm so glad that you were able to figure out something to take, even it it wasn't exactly what you were after. Isn't it amazing how that one extra little rubric that you were able to add (better bending backwards), led you to the right remedy. I take it that you will be ordering in some Dioscorea as a single remedy to have on hand. Your family homeopath sounds like he is pretty amazing.

    Just so you don't have to use the internet for searches, do you know about the Complete Dynamics program that allows you to enter a number of rubrics to help you narrow down the remedy choice? It contains books by all the great masters; Hering, Clarke, Boericke, Allen, etc. Complete Materia Medicas along with the search functions. This is a link so you can checkout the program for yourself.

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    @torey How delicious! I found so many wonderful ways to not do the dishes - just from your one link. Complete Dynamics ->Sandy Hudson with Many Ways to Health->Jeremy & Camilla Sherr with Homeopathy for Health in Africa. The program by CD looks like my new BFF - especially at 2 am.

    I have about 3 bottles of the Colic combination remedies which should last a lifetime as one uses so little. Combination remedies aren't usually my cup of tea, but have pulled me out of the fire more than once, so I'm not knocking them. You bet I'll be purchasing the single remedy just in case.

    Bonus - Over the course of a week I noticed that a wart on the side of my right hand, that had been there for 40 years or more, was disappearing. It took about two weeks to totally vanish. Curious about the situation, I looked up the traditional herbal use of Dioscorea - warts. Those three small doses (less than a teaspoon altogether) within about an hour was enough to help my little old cells do what they were supposed to do with the warts as well as the kidney stone. AMAZING!

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    @frogvalley Too bad we couldn't listen to our bodies more accurately instead of having a crisis to bring us to the remedy we should have had all along.

    Glad you liked the link. I pay for the practitioner version. There is a higher level but I don't have the level of expertise that requires that.

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    Go to Dr McDougall website, search for kidney stones-he will tell u! I know u certainly must remove a few things from your diet, to prevent this- and yes, this certainly can be prevented, take the plunge - start with dairy-just take it out! Then, meat, yes, horrors, see what McDougall website can give u further- it is the gut, that is for sure, there is the cure...I am 77, never had this, diet is paramount! All my sympathies, btw, it sounds terrible-I wld try anything to stop it!

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    @Jannajo Thank you for the McDougall information. It is very kind of you to take the time to share it. I did go there and have read his information before. I agree whole heartedly that diet is the number one thing we control that can cure or kill us.

    Unfortunately, my diet is not the issue - would be easy if it was. This is a lifestyle issue. The emotion of the kidney is fear and unfortunately, I was born to the Grand Puba of Narcissists, so fear was a weapon used against me. Since he passed away, my bouts only come now when I am rather stuck in my mind concerning my kids. I have to rule my life and not let fear do it. Being old has helped me to stand up to people in my life/family who try to guilt me into doing things the way they think they ought to be done. I have learned that many of those people have one rule for themselves and another rule for others, so I'm on to them and much better about not bending to their will.

    Yep, it's just that momma bear thing that I have to clear up and I'll be right as rain.

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    Andrew Saul says that vitamin C can also help with kidney stones by preventing calcium oxalate from forming. Here is his website:

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    @frogvalley , I am so happy you found relief! I've had kidney stones, as well as gall stones, and, oh, yeah, I know how painful they are, as do many here. I am not familiar with Dioscorea but will look into that, as well as the website suggested here. Thank you so much. And again, I'm glad you found relief. I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy (I don't know if I have many of those anymore since I've taken great pains to move away from drama!. Of course, it continues to be work!)

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    @frogvalley That's wonderful that you resolved your kidney stone relatively quickly. Less than two hours seems astonishing, but it must have been rugged!

    My doctor had one a few years ago. He attributed it to eating an excess of protein. He found relief using the "Jump and Bump" method, but did realize that he needed a more balanced diet to prevent future occurrences.

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    @frogvalley Thanks for responding, this is quite exciting, actually-the universe I mean, the homeopathic (doctors) connection, surely u r blessed -to have such great help (I never did, though osteopaths r fine also), but then this fear is another thing-ever hear?: 'I (Jesus) have not given u a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind'..or: 'speak to your mountain' These r helpful to us in life - just say: 'Get away from me spirit of fear (or satan), in The Name of Jesus' 'Do not fear is countless times in the Bible, throughout, and 'fear of man cbrings a snare', so let it begone and have the joy that comes with our salvation,'For God brings all things together for those who love The Lord and r called according to His Purpose' (in Paul's Letters). Both r abhorrent to me - fear (though I am single most of my life, caring for 7 children) and kidney stones - two things I truly seek to avoid and pray that I do! God bless u! He has, bringing serendipity and courge to u thus far, be well - 3 John 2-KJV

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    @Jannajo You hit the nail on the head. Most times I am fine, it's just those rare instances when it all becomes too much with/for my kids. Even then, I do ask and am given. I am so blessed and not better or worse than anyone finding their way on this journey we call life. Thank you kindly for the prayer as you know "when two or more ask..." - I can't do it by myself.

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    @frogvalley Tu, am so glad u r blessed (as I am-at77)'when two or three r gathered together in My Name, there am I in their midst'? Jesus speaks, let us not silence Him (as r so many of us!)

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    @Jannajo When my knee hurts or goes out, I look to see what I resent and dissolve the issue. When I fear, I'm not on the right path and must put myself back on it quickly and robustly. You are a great source for remembering and acting on what we should be doing.