COVID-19 and Contact tracing



  • maimover
    maimover Posts: 359 ✭✭✭

    A few weeks or a month or so ago our cell phone service was really shotty. Then learned that the government was installing covid tracking apps on the phones. I have an I phone. Go to settings, privacy, health (with the heart) and there you’ll find it. Can’t remember where to find it on the androids; sure is scary stuff!

  • torey
    torey Moderator Posts: 4,403 admin

    I know everyone is in love with their "smart" phones but this is the price you pay to be constantly hooked up to the internet. Your phone is always listening to you and as someone pointed out, even when it is turned off, they can ping you.

    Contact tracing is confusing because of the many, many different jurisdictions and the rules and regulations that come in each one. But if you are going to get tested, you should be aware of the consequences in your jurisdiction. Caveat emptor. Ignorance of the law is rarely, if ever, accepted as a legal defence. I think in the case of this young woman and her family, a better course of action to take would have been to call a lawyer, not posting it on youtube. A lawyer might have been able to diffuse the situation and avoid ankle bracelets.

  • lmrebert
    lmrebert Posts: 363 ✭✭✭✭

    Here is a link for a Faraday bag, they are supposed to block everything, used by military. They also are on Amazon! Not too expensive either.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
    LaurieLovesLearning Moderator Manitoba, Canada 🍁 zone 3, PrairiesPosts: 6,009 admin
    edited August 2020

    @maimover Could it be through Samsung Health?

    My understanding is that at this time, a tracking app is voluntarily in Canada. There have been various issues raised about it already.

  • torey
    torey Moderator Posts: 4,403 admin

    @lmrebert Thanks for the link! These products look great. A lot lighter than the lead lined purse I suggested earlier in this thread. :)

  • maimover
    maimover Posts: 359 ✭✭✭

    @LaurieLovesLearning I just remember service being off and then later was told to check my phone and sure enough it was there. Mine is an i phone. It happened to those as well. One of my friends works for a large insurance company, managed care. They actually sent an email to her regarding the app. She shared the info with us?

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