Planted a Moringa Tree

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So excited to find this tree today at a local nursery. It is a rare tree with many medicinal purposes


  • Lisa K
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    Very cool, I have seeds and so I am planning on starting them in a month or so, turns out I have a few of the buckets that are best for starting Moringa, very excited!

  • moreyshadypines
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    @tilathehunn & @Lisa K, this is a very useful plant. I grew a dozen or so from seed - they did very well. The trees grew a couple of feet easily in the first year. Sadly, my climate here in SC was too hot for them and they didn't take the drought affects that often occur here as well. I will plant them again, they have so many useful, healthy properties it will worth being more diligent in my placement. But I encourage you to monitor them and put them in an area where they have plenty of room - they grow quickly. Good job making this part of your garden areas. :)

  • Lisa K
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    Thanks @moreyshadypines for the info, I am very excited to try growing this!

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    I bought two tiny trees last year. I decided to keep one in the ground and one in a pot to bring inside in Winter. The one in the ground grew much better than the one in the pot but unfortunately it froze and did not return. I need to do some more research on water needs and hours of sunlight needed (divide by half because it is Texas sun 🤣, just kidding...maybe!). It will grow some new branches at the top and then the leaves on the bottom branches turn yellow and drop.

  • Linda Bittle
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    This is a new one for me. Guess I'm going to have to look up some info on it. I hope it grows well for you!

  • tilathehunn
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    New Moringa shot. I love my new tree

  • Brueck.iris
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    Exciting. Keep us posted. I grew one from seed a year ago. But I wanted to help it and planted it in the glasshouse and it got too hot I think.

  • Sharie
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    How is everyone's moringa doing? I'm on my 5th one. I had just bought two more a few weeks ago and I came out one morning to see nothing but a stick. It was covered in caterpillars. Grubs seem to really like the roots and I've lost a couple that way. They are finicky and seem to prefer whatever climate they came from. They are happy here in this climate but they can take a few generations to adapt. The bees love them and they're so fragrant. If you have any tips, please share!

  • Yeah, about that well. I have one of the two I bought Spring two years ago. I put one in the ground and one in a big pot. The one in the ground grew well but froze. I brought the other in the house to overwinter both times. Honestly, 90% of the time I think its on its last leg. It did bloom a little last year and the fragrance Is heavenly. I wanted to grow some from seed but everywhere was out. Hopefully Covid will be down enough for the Master Gardeners' plant sale in May. That's where I got the plants previously. I so need to grow things that are not challenging because there's enough of that stuff already lol.

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    Okay, I am totally wrong as to what a Moringa tree is. Your very nice pictures are way different than what I was expecting when I saw the title. Guess I'm going to have to do some research.

  • Voodoo Flóra
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    @tilathehunn thank you so much for posting, I had no idea about this tree. I'm going to try to grow some from seed. Am in zone 8. Do you know if they can tolerate frosty temperatures for any amount of time? Can you grow them inside year-round?