Adventures in High Performance Gardening 26 - Who are the worst PESTS!?

Marjory Wildcraft
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Lynn and Marjory here again in our adventures series ready to share some tips on what to do about the annoying things in garden life... Can you guess who's the biggest pest in my garden!?

Last week I forgot a few things and of course, Lynn saved the garden once again. But then, I needed her healing touch to save even more lettuce. *THANKS LYNN*

We're still harvesting like crazy (since week 4 and 5)!

I made my own pickled turnips and kimchi - shout out to everyone in the forums with awesome recipes.


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  • Mike L
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    ANTS they keep destroying my cucumber plants. they are little itty-bitty ants. I JUST found out they live, hide in the flowers of my cucumber flowers. I am in zone 9 Florida. USA

    -soap and water

    – cayenne around base of plants

    -Jam with borax in a bowl by plants

    -cucumber pieces in a foil pan

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you always!

  • Monek Marie
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    Are you planing in the ground?

    Would a change of location help?

    Try combination planting and plants to help with the issue:

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    @Mike You could try crop rotation.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    At the recent Grow System Summit with Stacey Murphy she talked about always harvesting her greens everyday - you know the kale, spinach, chard, etc. Her reasoning was that most insect cycles are on about a 7 to 10 day rotation. By continually harvesting the big leaves at the bottom (versus waiting until the plants are huge) you are constantly taking away and interupting the insect reproductive habitat.

    I'm a big fan of regular, continual, small harvesting anyway - so was happy to realize there could be a greater benefit.

  • MissPatricia
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    Loved this. Was surprised that Marjory would forget the lettuce. So even experts make mistakes. Makes me feel better. I actually fail at the harvesting, not sure why except I sometimes don't know when to harvest.

  • Mike L
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    @Monek Marie I started in the ground but insects and poor drainage set me back so

    I built 2 48x48x30inch raised beds filled with "wild earth mix #3" pic below of ingredients. later added worm castings and some AZOMITE. I am also trying to grow spinach and kale in same bed. but they seem to be stunted they sprouted and haven't grown much in past week or so. I been pulling the infected flowers off cucumber plants trying to get them under control. this is my first crop in these beds so nothing to rotate or harvest yet!


  • water2world
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    My worst garden pest----my dog!

    I worked with the soil, I planted tomatoes, I watered, I waited, and then I figured, one more day and I will pick some tomatoes. With my mouth watering, ready to eat the first tomato, I went out and found my dog enjoying his wonderful harvest---! He loved them!! It then became a battle between him and me.

  • Mike L
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    @sherry. We all need some good vegetables in our lives dogs included. I would suggest using a pepper infusion. Pepper,Cheyenne or jalapeño infused in water, safe for pets and keeps them away! I had to spray regularly. Good luck