Indoor Bagged Mushroom Grow Op.

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Can I say first that I loved the TNG mushroom certificate program. It was full of great information and didn't miss anything needed to take this style of mushroom grow to full production.

My personal situation didn't lend me any favors for this style of mushroom production for several reasons. #1- Hard wood here is quite rare and expensive. #2- Minimal water, #3- Low Humidity, and #4- No industrail building to control environment.

So, I investigated into some methods (I had previously run across) in order to nail down a method that would help me produce my own mushrooms in NE Utah US without breaking the bank. And I wanted to share.

The variables I faced.

#1- mushrooms rarely grow will in the desert.

#2- I did not have an industrial building accessible to produce them.

#3- Education and/or experience.

The grow op design follows a different method mentioned in the Grow Your Own Muschooms certificate from TNG of innoculating bags instead of logs.

This can also be placed in an underground or earthen dome style building (much like a dugout or root cellar).

You can innoculate sterrelized grains and wait until the micillium has spread, then divide and place within pre-sterilized bags of hardwood pellets, straw, wood shavings, and/or sawdust. (Pick medium appropriate for the strain). Ensure bags are moist and resealed.

To encourage humidity, you can place a humidifier or Diffuser plate. To encourage oxygen you can place fans within, or even run a pvc pipe through with fans blowing air through holes in the pipe. To discourage molds you likely need a sterilized grow medium and specalized grow bags. I would also keep any bags off the ground by either suspending them from a chain or placing them on easily to clean shelves (preferably plastic, or pvc).

With this set up, I can do all season grows without spending tons of money on temperature maintenance and lots of water.

If you have other ideas, or questions please share below!


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    I’m interested in growing mushrooms and just bought a grow your own mushroom kit out of curiosity. If it produces as much as the box states it’ll more than pay for itself and give me a simple, first hand experience of growing them.

    Sounds like you’ve dialed in the methods of growing mushrooms thanks for the extra inspiration.

    I’ve just added taking the Grow Your Own Mushroom class on my “bucket list “. Fungi are so amazing.