Newest babies

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These are the newest additions to our place (and our food security plans.)


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    Those are so cute pigs! So happy for you!

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Fantastic! We found a tiny newly hatched indian runner duck this morning!

    New animals are great!

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    When/if I get to move out of suburbia, I will have a pet pig, I just love them! I already know what I'll name it "Hamlette" it will not be my food but my little pet!! so cute! My husband is allergic to cats and dogs so my little piggy one day will be my pet!

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    Congratulations! Farm animals are fun, work - but fun. Pigs are an absolute favorite of mine as well. Too smart sometimes :)

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    @moreyshadypines Look at that snorkle!! ohh so cute!!

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    @lmrebert Be aware that those cute littlest of pig pets can get to 300 lbs. and eat a lot!

    Do your research. Some are gentle and some are aggressive, just as chicken breeds can be. Each has a different purpose, some which can be determined by snout shape.

    One of the largest of pig breeds, the heritage Large English Black (or English Large Black), has huge floppy ears (they have to have this or they are another breed/crossed) that flop down over their eyes from piglet size. As much as they can grow to 2000 lbs, they are known as the most gentle pasture pigs. They would be our pick if we had more pasture.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning I never knew that the snout shape meant anything. Good to know. I also never realized a pig can grow to be 2000 pounds. YOWZA!!!

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    @LaurieLovesLearning You are quite right about them. Some breeds are known for being gentle and friendly others are know to be very aggressive. Those snouts are great for rooting and they are very good at it. Some more than others of course. But they can effectively completely remove any green, growing plant, tree, etc in an area. Not all will take down trees but some can and will. And if they get loose, they could decimate your garden, flower beds, etc. But the food security, flavor, and the joy we get from taking care of them is worth any chance of that. Plus we put them in areas we want to clear for gardens, etc. They are pretty good rototillers and have the added benefit of fertilizing at the same time.

  • Hassena
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    Adorable little ones!

    I'm been trying to talk the fam into getting a pig, since they like to eat pork. However daughter isn't real keen on eating an animal she's met. She even stopped eating chicken...good thing she loves her veggies :)

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    @Hassena my daughter was the same - if it had a name she wouldn't eat it. This was in reference to the goats. Rabbits were out entirely for her because she thought of them as pets.

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    They are adorable!

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    @LaurieLovesLearning yes for sure, I've done my research, and I have a lady that breeds and is very particular about her pig adoptions even so that if you have a life change she reserves the right to get the piggy back before you do anything else with them. You can go to her farm and pet her pig and watch the babies run all over like crazy little things! She also educates on how big they grow etc because people don't realize the responsibility and then there are issue and the piggy ends up back at her place. Unfortunately for me, I have nosey bad neighbors and my lot is only 6900 sf, and we need 7200 sf to have chickens etc. I would push the envelope and get one but if they got word of it they would tell for sure, our neighbors got their pet chickens taken from them and their children were crushed. I cannot be irresponsible and risk bonding with my oinker and them making me give it up. So either they need to get out of the hood or I move to a place I can have one. So sad :-/

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    @LaurieLovesLearning there is a vineyard in france that uses Runner Ducks to eat the bugs off the vines. They open the pen in the morning and all the ducks file out to the vineyard, and don't destroy the vines.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    I think I have heard of that, actually. That must be quite the sight!