Rock chucks!

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Sigh. Now, in addition to all the gophers, the deer who snack on our crops nightly, the hawks in our neighbor's trees, the foxes, the hordes of earwigs, and all the other wild critters around here, we now have a rock chuck who just took up residence underneath our shed in the orchard pasture! Does anybody know what rock chucks eat? Will he be a threat to our fruit trees?


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    @Suburban Pioneer Yellow-bellied marmots are found in some of the warmer, drier micro-climates in my area. They are primarily vegetarians eating grasses and other greens but they will eat insects or birds eggs if they find them. Not likely that they will damage your fruit trees. They are not like those pesky gophers who do so much damage to the ground and crops. So, not to worry!

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    Thanks for the info! Yes, it turned out to be a yellow-bellied marmot when I looked it up to find out for sure. Was probably attracted by all the irrigated pasture grass, then, but if they eat eggs, I don't want it entering the chicken coop which is open all day! But, turns out I needn't have worried because our German Shepherd quickly discovered it and was in heaven. Mr. Chuck turned out to be THE BEST squeaky toy in the world!! He was never in any real danger, but our dog got such an annoying thrill out of sniffing for him under the shed, where he had evidently dug a den, that no inanimate plaything will ever seem interesting to her again. Sadly, Mr. Chuck didn't appreciate the game. After about about two days, he finally got tired of the hassle and moved on to greener pastures. The dog still gets excited when we go out and runs up the slope to the shed hoping he's returned.

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