Earwig control

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Help! We have HORDES of earwigs around here. They love the dry climate and sandy soil. They're eating and spoiling a big portion of my precious apricot crop. I tried putting thick, double sided tape around the tree trunk and limbs to trap them, but the buggers just skittle right over it. The chickens are loose every day and eat their fill, but don't seem to put much of a dent in the population (and, besides, the damn things are out at night as well as in the day). Anybody have any strategies they've employed successfully to keep earwigs off of their fruit trees?


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    @Suburban Pioneer We even have them in our mailbox this year!! Yuck!

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    Earwigs in the right conditions, can be a pain. In the past, I've had success with, spreading borax on the ground, around trees and plants. Applying thick grease or petroleum jelly on the trunks of trees. Also setting up a light trap over a water source, will attract and drown them, all non chemical alternatives. Good luck, @Suburban Pioneer

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    Hmmmm- the grease option sounds like a potential winner! Cheap, easy, and won't harm the chickens. If I put it at their eye level, hey could even just eat the boogers after they're trapped. If not, I could always hose the tree down every so often. Thanks for the tip!!!!