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Is this Perilla? It came up in my garden.



  • Gail H
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    My daughter took the picture and posted it for me. I can add a few more details. The leaves don't seem quite as broad as the pictures I've looked up. The undersides of the leaves are green, not purple, but perhaps that would come as they got older. The main stem is hollow and ridged. The leaves are opposite.

    I am trying to utilize what is abundant and not have to purchase too many herbs. Since these appeared spontaneously in the compost and seem plentiful and vigorous, I thought I would look into them.

  • Torey
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    The perilla that I have grown has a wider leaf that what this one appears to have from what I remember. Haven't grown it for a couple of years. But plants can have different growth habits depending on soil, water, light, etc. Certainly looks and sounds like a Lamiaceae plant but there are so many in that family!

  • Megan Venturella
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    If you tear or bruise it, what does it smell like? Perilla has a great herbal/basil/minty smell.

  • tomandcara
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    @Gail H If it came from your compost pile, I think the odds of it being something edible, even if it is not Perilla are pretty good. How does it taste? How does it smell? Are you brave enough to try using it in some way? Let some of it grow and see if it flowers and what the flowers and seeds look like. Keep us posted, please.

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    it looks to me from the picture to be a mulberry start