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Identification of Adult Honey Bee Diseases webinar today — The Grow Network Community
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Identification of Adult Honey Bee Diseases webinar today

tomandcaratomandcara Colorado front range- Denver MetroPosts: 708 ✭✭✭✭
edited October 2020 in Beekeeping

I know this is short notice, but I just found out about this last night and was too tired to start this discussion. There is a webinar today. Identification of Adult Honey Bee Diseases

Thursday, July 23, 2020, 12pm EDT/9am PDT, ~1hr presentation +~30mn Q&A

As part of BIP’s “Identifying Honey Bee Diseases” webinars, the Tech Transfer Team Field Specialists will focus on how to recognize the visual signs of the most common adult honey bee diseases and review the definition and prevalence of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). We will also present an overview of the emerging field of honey bee virus research as well as covering the diagnostic techniques, signs, prevention and treatment of Nosema and Tracheal Mites.

here is the link to register: https://beeinformed.org/education/

The good news is their webinars are recorded and available to watch later. They have a number of previous webinar recordings on the same page as the link for today's webinar. I haven't watched any yet, but will probably do at least 1 this weekend. If anyone watches this one or any of the previous ones, please let everyone know what you think.

The 30 minute Q&A at the end of each webinar should be interesting

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