My new job

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I am now, a Naturalist. I've spent most of my life in the woods, I've been a farm kid, an outdoorsman, studied botany, herbalism, mycology, permaculture... etc, etc. Beyond that, I've had many jobs... politics, economics, journalism, to cook, caterer, even yard man. Every day, I go into the wild to study and, hopefully, to bring home some wild food. I have reached the "crossroads of life".... 12 days from my 43rd birthday.... it is time for a new path in terms of career. I believe that path is the culmination of having been a lonely kid roaming the woods. From now on, I am Judson Carroll... the Southern Appalachian Naturalist.... like Daniel Boone, Waightstill Avery, André Michaux and James Audubon. I will continue to study botany, forage, fish, hunt and trap every day, study herbalism and record the plants and animals I find in my daily wanderings... when possible I'll propagate the rare plants on my property. I've spent most of my life learning my bit of earth.... now, I will teach or record what I have learned. My goal is to write something like "Resources of The Southern Fields and Forests".... a catalogue of every natural resource in my region and how it may be used for food, fuel, fiber, medicine, etc... I think this would be incredibly worthwhile.