Bunnies and Fly Strike

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Yesterday our pet bunny presented with fly strike, a revolting condition in which maggots have been laid around the back end. She had been eating less for a few days already, which prompted us to check her out carefully. Although it is often fatal, we gave it our best shot and she seems much happier today, so far.

So, just to share what we did, in case anyone else needs the information:

1.Wearing gloves, a bath of her back end,

2.careful removal of all visible maggots and eggs with tweezers,

3.snipping off the hair on her back end with scissors

4.a wipe down of all raw flesh with a saline solution (https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323842#benefits), using make up removal pads.

5.careful application of coconut oil, also using make up removal pads

6.lots of attention and cuddling

7.move to an indoor cage for observation and to keep other flies away

She still refused her normal food but was happy to eat dandelion leaves, and she did start drinking again, too. This morning she's alert and her usual self, but we will check her carefully when my daughter wakes up.

The whole process took about 2 hours. Because it is a tame bunny, one person was able to do much of it herself, but another one was involved as needed.


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    Just an update on our bunny. She has recovered completely and fur is starting to grow back onto her bottom which was completely raw and bare. She's completely back to normal, even though this is supposed to be a fatal disease.

    My daughter checked her twice a day at first, removed maggots with tweezers, gave her saline baths, and covered the raw area with coconut oil. After a bit she switched to checking once a day, and now to every few days. She also ate only dandelions, lambs quarters etc for quite a few days.

    We had switched her pellets earlier and she never did like them and seemed to have digestive issues with them; when we bought the old brand she started eating again.

    All that to say: fly strike does not need to be fatal, but it takes a lot of time and attention to cure.