fermented spiralized zucchini

Annie Kate
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This is surprisingly easy to make and it starts fermenting quickly--a perfect project if you are new to fermenting. We used grape leaves for the 'leaf lid' under the lid and an airlock which overflowed regularly.

There are instructions on the internet, or I can write up my recipe if people want me to,


  • John
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    This sounds awesome! My zucchini is going great, can you post the recipe-that would be much appreciated.

  • Annie Kate
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    @John here it is (I hope I got the right John!)

    Adapted from the recipe under this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mDlbvyqDlw

    ·        Zucchini, spiralized (and chopped into shorter pieces if that is important to you; with my spiralizer you can do that by cutting the zucchini in half the long way so that each spiral is only half way around the zucchini)

    ·        Grape leaves (in place of their tea bags)

    ·        Dillweed

    ·        Sliced garlic

    ·        Brine of 3 T sea salt/quart of water—you may need to heat it to dissolve the salt. (Note: they call for 1 T added directly to the jar which probably comes out to be the same.)

    I put the grape leaves, dill, garlic, and dill weed in the bottom of the jar and added the zucchini, tamping it down loosely with a wooden spoon every inch or so. Then I added the brine to within an inch of the top, covered it with more grape leaves, and put a lid with an airlock on. I left it out on a tray to catch any spills. Mine was ready for the fridge in 4 days and tastes yummy. 

    If you don’t have a lid with an airlock, then just use a normal lid but make sure it’s on loose because this stuff will overflow, airlock or not.  

  • jowitt.europe
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    @Annie Kate thank you very much. An excellent idea. I have so many zucchini this year. I will try your recipe out!

  • VickiP
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    Great find! I love fermented foods.

  • Annie Kate
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    Mine also made such a good brine I used a tiny bit as a starter culture for other ferments. I find that helps ensure good fermentation results although it is not necessary.