Highest Quality Medical Marijuana Available

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Highest quality cannabis clones for sale. Locally grown and 100% organic. Choose among the following: chocolate oranges, diesel cookies, headband, mad monkey, purple punch, sirius 44, strawberry cough, and super silver haze. Look at those roots! All clones come in the traditional solo cup. Each clone sells for $20, with a special discount of four for $75. Free local pickup in the Portland, Oregon area. We can also ship to select locations. While supplies last. Contact us at [email protected]


  • Hassena
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    Intriguing, do you start these from seeds? or are these from clones only?

    Thanks for posting for certain places. :)

  • Voodoo Flóra
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    Great question @Hassena and please know these are all from clones, although I'm going to be starting to experiment with seeds this year. If you have any other questions, just let me know. Hope you have the Herb in your life if you want some have a great day.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    Ugh... soooooo illegal to grow here! If anyone ever had any seeds to share, I might scatter them in the national forest out my back door if it could help others.... it grows like crazy in the Blue Ridge. I have a cannabis allergy, so that is one herb I can't use personally. If I could suggest a private trail to someone with chronic pain or cancer, glaucoma, etc, to do a little wildcrafting for the herbs they need, I would.

  • Voodoo Flóra
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    Great idea @judsoncarroll4 !!! Do it at a clearing where they'll get lots of sun. If you need any material to get started just let me know.