Cleaning the glasshouse

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Does anybody have an ORGANIC CLEANING option for the roof panes of the my glasshouse? The pine trees from our neighbour have grown a lot and dumped their dead needles on our glasshouse roof. I didn't mind for a long time while we had intense sunshine. But I tolerated them for too long. Now I wanted to clean the roof to get more light inside.

I discovered that we have an intense red film on the glass that is only removable with a lot of elbow grease. Even the water blaster that I reluctantly tried didn't work.


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    Charcoal fluid removes pine sap from glass, and then cleanse with your regular glass cleaner

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    Anything milder than lighter fluid that will cut dried dog drool? I have been only mildly successful in removing it with glass cleaner.

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    @Brueck.iris You might try some 3% hydrogen peroxide. Spray on and let it set for about 3 minutes and then see how much it worked. Even the metal looking part should clean up nice with it but I would not leave it on longer than that..on the metal.

    I clean lots with it around the kitchen for a very quick clean up...of course I then wash with soap and water if something we eat from..

  • In Marine Corps Boot Camp in San Diego in the spring of 1987, they taught us to clean windows with 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, and crumpled up newspaper. Switch the newspaper piece out frequently-- it mops up the dirt like crazy. Who know all the way back then that we were being organic? ;)

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    Thanks, 3 good ideas. Will try them and report back.

    It's raining today, so I'll delay the job. Might make rinsing easier, but makes the cleaning person miserable.

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    Car detailers used magic erasers to clean nicotine off car windows years before they were available to the public. Sounds like a magic eraser would be like cleaning the deck with a toothbrush though. There is a magic eraser mop but that too would be a chore. Maybe save that for the worst spots.

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    Never heard of magic erasers. Will investigate it. Perhaps they could make the dirt magically go away overnight and I have a clean glasshouse roof when I wake up?