Poultice Options Sought

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Since cabbage works so well as a poultice for many things...

What happens when you have no cabbage in your garden or your fridge?

So...that got me to thinking, that in times of shortages and trouble,

WOULD/COULD fermented cabbage work as well or better or not at all as a poultice?

If so could that not open a whole new potential for healing for any herb veggie etc, esp in times of shortages?

Thank you for all input received.



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    @silvertipgrizz, I recently viewed the video purchased through TheGrowNetwork from herbalist Doug Simon and Marjorie Wildcraft. He demonstrated how prickly pear paddles were his #1 go to for poultices, next being clay. He also stated that prickly pear grows in most places in South America. So, you are not using your food for treatment (not that its not a worthwhile use) but after you put on the poultice, eat your cabbage. :)

    However, you can also eat prickly pear paddles as they are good for you and have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Mind you taking the needles off takes a bit of work, but its worth it. Mr. Simon rubbed them with stones, some people burn them off.

    Look at those options and see if they would be a viable solution to add to your toolkit.

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    @moreyshadypines The prickly pear paddle is a good idea..our local small grocery store carries them from time to time...Will have to try them for taste, and poss freeze for poultices.

    However, my main goal is hopes for fermenting all things healing for a very long and stable shelf life for both eating and use as medicine..because I am very concerned for the furture of our country, and our food supply.

    THank you for your comment...I'll have to go back and look at Doug Simon's use of the prickly pear as a poultice too..

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    @silvertipgrizz so how about fomentation? Cook/boil cabbage, eat cabbage and use a towel soaked in cabbage water on affected area. Maybe not as efficient as the real deal!

    Fermented cabbage for times when it's not in season, is a great idea. Would the fermenting process strengthen or weaken the magical cabbage powers? Does cabbage poultice have to be hot or cold?

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    @jodienancarrow Wow what a great idea to soak the poultice wrap in the cabbage water. The poultice needs to be as warm as tolerated for recluse bites..ask me how I know. Even with a red hot swollen and verypainful arm, the heat helped and I could actually feel the swelling start to go down within about 20 mins or so after application. But I was very specific in how I applied it..If you are interested in that ask/remind me later this week. I am still behind in my garden and other work here but I would gladly recap my method for you, and the who and why I do it that way.

    Thank you for thinking of that cabbage water idea..

    Also, I sent an email to a doctor today regarding this and as soon as I get a response I will post it here.

    As an after thought....a cool poultice might be good on rashes I would think depending on the cause of the rash. A question for an herbalist.

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    @silvertipgrizz I totally agree with your comment about the food supply (or any supplies). I think this hiccup was / is just the tip of the iceberg. The folks in this forum have a resource and the determination to make adjustments and acquire knowledge "before" they need it. The rub will be all the naysayers, who have not taken the time and effort, will now be on your doorstep, with their hand out.

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    fyi, check out 'Ice Age Farmer' on you tube. He stays up on the goings on of this. He has a new one out in the last day or so about canned goods issue...

    It is worse than most people want to admit, and going to get even worse.