Share your hot sauce recipes!

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Pretty please! My hot peppers are coming on full force; some will be pickled and a lot will be roasted and frozen for later, but I'd like to turn some into hot sauce.I don't have a go to hot sauce recipe, though I've made a few concoctions I like. Often I'll puree my peppers after I've lacto-fermented or roasted. Here's a basic one I put together tonight.

2 fresh green jalapenos, a little bit of chopped raw onion(two or three Tbs.), a large ripe tomato, freshly ground black pepper and cumin, a clove of garlic crushed to a paste with coarse salt, a little smoked salt( Mountain Rose Herbs), and some vinegar. I blended it until smooth, then simmered on the stove for about ten minutes. Actually tasted wonderful straight from the blender, but I thought it would keep better cooked.