the different varieties work about the same?

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Skullcap is an herb I use daily. I bought a small plant and it is growing very slow...too slow for me to harvest any. There is a nice skullcap plant in the front yard by the mailbox which I could harvest from a bit (don't like that it is by the road though). Does anyone have any experience using the different varieties of skullcap?


  • Torey
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    @seeker.nancy - Central Texas As far as I know all of the native species can be used interchangeably. S. lateriflora is the species most commonly used in herbal medicine but S. galericulata can be substituted. They are the two found in my neck of the woods.

    Chinese Skullcap (S. balcalensis) has different properties.

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    @seeker.nancy - Central Texas Im interested to know, how do you use/prepare skullcap and why?

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    @seeker.nancy - Central Texas You're in Texas - it may be hot there for skullcap. You might want to try giving it more water. You might also find that it grows better in the fall. I'm in the Great Plains, where it's in the 90's most of the summer. Skullcap grows fairly well here. I am able to harvest enough in one season to carry me through the winter in dried or tincture form. And this spring I was able to divide my one plant so I'll have more going forward. But I think it's a little hot for it even here. I give it more water than some of the other plants.

    @jodienancarrow Skullcap is good for anxiety and helps me get to sleep. I use it fresh in bedtime tea, and also dry it and make tincture.

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    @torey the one here is definitely not the Chinese skullcap. Thank you!

    @jodienancarrow I tincture it and it goes in my nighttime blend for relaxation and sleep.

    @SherryA it is definitely hot here lol. The established one almost never gets water and it is in sunlight from dawn to dusk but blooms like crazy in spite of the hot concrete by it. Maybe I'm watering the other one too much lol. In thinking about the one in the front yard under the intense sun and it makes me think the small one may not be getting enough sun. Perhaps this Fall I will move it to a sunnier spot. Thank you!

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    @seeker.nancy - Central Texas @SherryA I got some transplants going last year, upon learning it was good for sleep, relaxation etc. Just wasn't sure which way to go with it, so a tincture it will be, thanks to both of you.

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    American skullcap is more of a sedative/nervine and Chinese (Baikal) skullcap is more of a general health tonic that has anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties. Chinese skullcap may also have some cancer fighting properties.