Closing the Loop from production to waste?

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Hello Everyone!

I am really curious to hear what close looped systems other homesteaders have going.

I have my set up listed below with one minor gap in the sysem I am looking for some ideas on...

At the top I have my garden, herbs, and livestock. Some of my livestock will eat waste produce and some waste products from my plants including greens from beets and such. I have chickens who pick through just about everything else. My rabbits waste goes right back to the garden. The one catch I have now is I have goats that waste alot of hay. I let the chickens pick through it, but have nowhere else for it to go. I have a compost pile, but it is overflowing and doesn turn over quickly. I have been contemplating worms, but also am thinking they won't work for water hay since it is likely to be hot compost with all the feces and urine from the goats and chicken droppings.

Any insights and cool things you do for closing the loop?