A nice surprise

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Poking around the veggie garden today and went to put some prunings on the compost pile, when I came across the beautiful creature. A diamond python, sunning its self on top of one of the compost piles. Hopefully having a feed on some rodents.


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    All we have here is garter snakes & a couple of other small, harmless snakes. If you handle them, of course they can bite, but it is really nothing. Oh, and I just read about a pet ball python loose in a city 3 hours away. I can't imagine running across a larger snake like that!

    Considering, I don't have a fear of snakes here, but I might elsewhere because I am largely unfamiliar with snake ID otherwise. I know people who are terrified of even these fully harmless relatively smaller ones here. I am grateful when I see them for the very same reasons that you expressed.

    Since this is a good find, I am happy for you!

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    I didn't even think of that! Snake = less rats😂 We live in the city and started really gardening this year (instead of only pots) and we have caught 7 rats in the last month. I was unaware that a garden would draw them out like that. Ugh😬.

    On a good note: I bury them 3 feet down and plant on top of them like David The Good says to do😊. Go Survival Gardener- nothing organic is leaving this property ever again!!

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    @jodienancarrow thank you for the great picture. I am the naturalist for a gated community on the southern coast, I am constantly trying to educate residents and crew on the value of snakes. I bring the snakes into groups to show the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes. Snakes are a very important part of the eco-system. The crew tell each other I will "get them fired, if they kill one!". I certainly don't want to fire anyone, but I do want to preserve what is a very threatened part of nature. If the habitat loss doesn't get them, a car or domestic pet will. Here is a shot of a Canebrake Rattler, he was every bit 4 foot plus - male - and was sunning in road, he went off to find some mates, hopefully.

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    This one is harmless, very common around here. I just need to keep my eye out, so I don't frighten it or me. I did relocate one back in April when it decided to set up camp very close to the house. I eventually got it in a bag and we went for a little drive. They do say they're territorial, maybe it's the same one!

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    That is a pretty one! I had a nice corn snake in the driveway the other day. They look just like copperheads, but rounder in the face and along the back. I'll eat any snake... and love it! But, they are abut the only thing keeping the moles at bay around here, so I let the poisonous ones live, too... most snakes don't bother people anyway.

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    He's beautiful!! Can you send him or friend up my way to take care of my chipmunk and squirrel problems!?!?!?