Growing Spirulina

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I watched the gardening webinar and one of the presentations was on growing spirulina yourself. I was intrigued but have to admit I have "shiny object syndrome" (always taking on new diy projects) and was wondering if anyone has tried it, how much of a time commitment, level of difficulty, and how expensive to get started.


  • lmrebert
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    @annbeck62 I'm going to use that one "shiny object syndrome"! waiting to hear from those experienced in spirulina, we use it all the time in our smoothies!!

  • Hassena
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    Great analogy! I thought it was a fresh water seaweed. That prefers volcanic territory. I’m definitely intrigued. Dulce is another seaweed that’s a good source of minerals.

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    @annbeck62 Never heard of SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) before, but I also have that syndrome. When I saw the same presentation it triggered my SOS. There is a replay of that summit this weekend for people who want to see what triggered our SOS. Here is a link for the replay:

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    I get the SOS too. After watching that presentation I quickly went to their web site to see how much the grow kit was. Since I'm not currently consuming spirula I can't justify the cost of an entire grow kit. I'm going to search Facebook marketplace and craigs list for used fish tank equipment. Then go with the bottle of spirulina starter selling for $25 plus the food for $20. I can easily source the buckets. The only thing that might be hard to find would be the filter used to collect spirulina. Anyone know where to find one?

  • AngelaOston
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    Ive been growing spirulina for two years. I originally did the chemistry method using - and had ok results. Then i found a nice hippy giuys bok that used human pee ponics as the primary food along with magnesium sulfate. They perked up well and grew after that. It actually got me started on using peeponics for all my gardens. And this year has been much more lush due to it.

    Sorry its sideways. My sprout trays are beliw the two 20L tanks