How do you start your day?

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Since its been 14hrs mostly since I last ate, I figure I should put some thought into what I put into my body on an empty stomach. I start the day with a shot of fire cider (in winter) then a glass of water to wash it down with a 1000mg Vit C. Then a Chaga tea. Followed by a green smoothie with all the good stuff, including fresh garlic, ginger, tumeric and a banana. Then we do a 5km walk. After that, then some food. Breakfast in winter is usually oatmeal with fruit, nuts, yoghurt. In summer fresh fruit, nuts, yoghurt. Followed by a coffee(flat white) I think that I cover most bases with what I consume, anti viral, anti arthritic, nourishing healthy food, that helps me to be a healthier individual. What do others do for their breakfast regime?


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    Good day, that’s an amazing morning groove.

    I enjoy awaking just before the sun, cup of water whilst the tea is brewing. Tea with morning farm chores. After milking goats, I’ll make a light breakfast. Smoothie or eggs, depending on the season. Sometimes yoga and sometimes just watching the fog in the early morn. 💜

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    @jodienancarrow That is quite the routine! I usually get up, have a drink of water, spend some time reading. Sometimes I'll have a piece of fruit right away, most of the time nothing. Then once the kids wake up we go out to do the chores (animals, garden). After that we eat breakfast and I usually have eggs with some greens. I like the idea of adding a good medicinal tea in there because I do enjoy coffee, but I don't drink it every day either.

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    You are all inspiring!

    I start my day journaling. Then meditation. Sometimes more journaling. Then I walk through my garden with a cup of coffee (add heavy cream only) and deadhead or remove slugs and make a mental note of what needs to be done. Then I will water in the summer. After that I usually have to go to work and I will eat a piece of fruit on my way. I’m never actually hungry until around 11am (I wake up around 5am).

    I would like to add more smoothies into my life but it takes so much prep work and I’m never home when it’s time for lunch! I do all my tea drinking in the evening.

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    I start my day with warm lemon water, then two cups of green and herbal tea. Then in summer I go and pick berries and have a small bowl of good granola cereal with fresh milk and loads of fruit. Lately I've been postponeing the cereal until I've had some vigorous exercise like unloading hay or a 15-20 mile bike ride.

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    @herbantherapy You could freeze a combination of fruits and vegetables in containers and do several of them at once. Or make up several of just greens or whatever you like ahead of time. Then you can feel refreshed when ever you like smoothies. Sometimes it takes me 20 minutes to do a smoothie. Other times it takes less.

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    OK. Y'all are so much more healthy with your choices to begin your day! I stumble out of bed, drink lemon water, get the coffee maker rumbling, read my Bible while waiting for coffee and sipping coffee, head out to see what mischief my animals got into under the cloak of darkness. Whatever happened near the goats, they always claim the dogs did. All of the goats speak at once, so it is difficult to put together the straight story. I suspect those goats are the guilty ones though, since the dogs always look pretty innocent and stay quiet. The chickens, goats, cats, dogs all place a breakfast order with water. Once I filled their orders, I walked a good plenty. Can't say I love breakfast, so I wait to make my first meal dinner (a noon meal). That meal is whatever is ripe and usually consumed raw, so I can get back to the chores. In the winter time I make a vegetable stew to last the week.

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    Wow jodienancarrow! That is amazing! 

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    Hassena I love your routine! I am going to start making tea to bring out and sip while I do my chicken chores!

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    @jodienancarrow that sounds like a great routine. I usually get up, read my Bible to feed my spirit, go for a two mile walk and then eat whatever sounds good. Since we have chickens we eat a lot of eggs. I think one of my biggest challenges is incorporating enough greens into my diet. I've always viewed smoothies as breakfast. I like that you fix a smoothie, exercise and then eat breakfast. I'm going to have to try that. Thanks for sharing!

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    dimck421 At our place they all look at the guilty party. All you have to say is "who did it?". Everyone will look. But Mary (had a little but not so little anymore) gets blamed for a lot of things I know she didn't do. I think they talk her into opening the gates, which she can open any gate, door or pen on the homestead.

    My day starts with coffee, even the cats know, don't ask for anything till mom's had some, feed the inside cats and dog, check emails and weather, on to chores, leave for work. Because of my drive time, I do my God and me time then, at least an hour of praise and worship.

    I can't eat when I first get up, never have been able to. I have fruit, nuts good stuff in the car. Try to eat a good lunch.